EXPOSE YOURSELF with Scott Kelby!

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InMyBag.net is now a fully fledged photography magazine. In addition to featuring awesome photographers and their kit, we put a strong emphasis on including additional value – it could be a tip, a mini tutorial or general advice.
Essentially, we’re asking photographers to SHOW & TELL.

Here are some recent successful examples:

* Fast Track to Fashion Photography
* Career Advice to my Younger Self by Dean West
* How to make dreamy fairy tale like photos
* 5 reasons DSLR’s are obsolete in today’s world

This Month, were bursting with pride as our Celebrity Pro Photographer Judge is the King of photography education:
Award-winning #1 best selling author of more than 50 books, editor and publisher of Photoshop User Magazine, host of the talk show The Grid, President and CEO of KelbyOne –  the complete online training solution.
Ladies & gentlemen…Scott Kelby

Scott’s job is to select his favourite submission from the 10 most popular posts submitted and published between 1st July and 31st August 2014. No doubt he’ll be on the look out for the next generation of photography educators for KelbyOne, so this is your big chance to get his undivided attention.

So, show Scott and InMyBag’s rapidly growing global audience YOUR BEST PHOTOGRAPHY and advice and you could you could also win the New Sony RX100 camera from our kind sponsor B&H Photo.

EXPOSE YOURSELF with Scott Kelbt


Here’s what a few recent photographers said about appearing on InMyBag:

“OMG not only did my Feature get re-posted by Sigma, B&HPhoto and AlienSkin, but Create Live have been in touch!
They said: ‘keep up the good work and please keep us updated as you continue on this awesome trajectory’ – Thanks InMyBag.net you are awesome!!!”
Melanie Myhre

“Thanks for the idea to write this story! & helping me re-write it into English, I would have never done this without you”
Anton Vaganov

“Thanks for suggesting I write ‘5 Reasons DSLR’s are obsolete in the modern world’ with over 48,000 views and over 1,000 likes you certainly know what you are doing.  Your suggested title and format was spot on…thanks for helping me get myself out there”
Martin Gillman

Our wider audience:

In addition to our global audience, last month alone photographers featured on InMyBag were re-posted by:  Hasselblad, Phase One, Think Tank, DIYPhotography.net, Profoto, ElinchromCarl Zeiss, Promote Control, Ricoh, Mamiya Leaf, Pelican, Fuji, Wacom, B&HPhoto, Manfrotto, Lowel, 3 Legged Thing, SonyTether Tools.

Other than that being very cool, why does that matter you ask?
Well, think of it this way…these brands have a combined audience of millions of people 😉

Advice from the editor:

We have an open door policy and you certainly don’t need to be a professional photographer to appear on InMyBag.

Most photographers are good at many things, but the best articles focus on one specific element and your images need to reinforce the delivery of that single message.

If you are already an educator, you are welcome to submit full formed articles, however, do feel free to suggest just a title and outline with your submission. Our team is awesome at assessing your strengths and suggesting a title that will help you deliver something meaningful. We are here to promote you!

Whilst you can submit at any time, previous contests were met with a tidal-wave of submission and submitting sooner will increase your chances of making it into this month’s contest, so fill this form now!

Our Rules:

Please complete the form below to submit yourself for publication.

Please include 7 x LANDSCAPE FORMAT 1000 pixel wide photos:
One of your gear (Creative as you like) and six you’re very proud of.

We reserve the right to refuse submissions which are incomplete or fail to meet the standards of previously published submissions. The editors decision will be final in this matter.

Scott Kelby will select his favourite submission from the 10 most popular posts submitted and published between 1st July and 31st August 2014

If you submit but are not published during that timeframe, your submission will be eligible for the months competition in which it is published.

All images remain the property of the photographer. By submitting you give us permission to use them in your feature post and in marketing that post and InMyBag.net on various platforms.

We reserve the right to edit / change your submission and choice of photographs to make your content stronger and more likely to succeed.

You grant InMyBag.net exclusive use of your submission for a period of 4 weeks from the publication date.

To see when you’ve been published, please Join us on Facebook and, or Join us on Twitter

Please be aware that ALL Geographical data is stripped from photos of your gear

  • (One Item Per Line Please & Optional Comments in Brackets)
  • Please nominate your favourite top 3 items
  • Show us just what your kit can do by submitting your best / favourite Photograph(s). Ideally a JPG no wider than 1000x.
  • Show us just what your kit can do by submitting your best / favourite Photograph(s). Ideally a JPG no wider than 1000x.
  • Show us just what your kit can do by submitting your best / favourite Photograph(s). Ideally a JPG no wider than 1000x.
  • A couple of sentences or paragraphs to capture peoples interest
  • Share your thoughts or advice to other photographers.
  • Give three links to photographers and a comment on how each one has Inspired or Influenced you.
  • Please recommend any other photographers we should feature & their contact details or a link.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Note: If the wheel simply spins after submission, don’t panic, we still should have your submission.