How we tortured 1,000 customers in 4 days (complete with lighting diagram)
Mar 26, 2015

How we tortured 1,000 customers in 4 days (complete with lighting diagram)

Raw and hauntingly beautiful portraits by Morten Germund
Mar 18, 2015

Raw and hauntingly beautiful portraits from brilliant Danish Photographer – Morten Germund

elinchrom ELB400 power
Mar 16, 2015

Submit To The World’s Greatest Photographers Database And Win a $3,000 Elinchrom Elb 400 Strobe

elinchrom ELB400 power
Mar 16, 2015

When Elinchrom asked us to recruit 3 highly creative photographers to play with the new ELB 400, the names John Wilhelm, John Flury and Jurek Gralak lept out

Playing with fire: how I shot Sleeping Beauty
Mar 11, 2015

Ingredients: a castle in Paris, beautiful model, fire breather, talented team, costume designer and fire expert / strobist photographer – Frédéric Amadu

Akis Douzlatzis - Telling the story of love
Mar 10, 2015

Standing out in a crowded market of wedding photographers isn’t easy – get inspired with strong compositions, strobist lighting and cinematic story telling

Self Portraits of me and my disease on
Mar 9, 2015

Sarah uses self portraiture to communicate, as a form of self expression and a way of coming to terms with her condition…

Get a different perspective - travel off peak
Mar 6, 2015

Canadian photographer and remote adventure traveler – Jason Nugent, looks at how to get a different perspective on places by visiting them off peak…

Secrets from the worlds most versitile location lighting bag
Mar 5, 2015

LA Photographer Haoyuan Ren invested time and effort putting together a kick ass super versatile lighting bag with very reasonable priced brands that rocks!

capturing the elegance of movement in juxtaposed enviroments
Mar 4, 2015

Haze Kware creates epic images capturing the beauty of dance and he loves to shoot the dancers in unexpected locations – check out his work, video and gear.

How to to create punchy portraits that connect with your viewer
Mar 3, 2015

Meet Nathan Elson – Learn how he gets those punch portraits, if FujiFilm changed how he works and what made the biggest difference to his photography…

Athlete Advertising on
Mar 2, 2015

Jurek Gralak of talks about how gear isn’t that important and why desire for new gear makes us under utilise what we already have

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