Renee Robyn on InMyBag
Sep 3, 2015

Renee Robyn is a World Class Image Maker. Watch this BTS video on just how she achieves such amazing results…

Sep 2, 2015

John Keatley’s photography has been featured in Rolling Stone, New York Times and Wired magazine. Read John’s powerful business insight for photographers…

Aug 25, 2015

Top photographer Lindsay Adler on how to find your own signature style and why it really is a critical part of being a successful professional photographer.

Aug 24, 2015

Stefan Bischoff is a German car photographer specialising in hyper realistic images. Watch this BTS video on just how he achieves such amazing results…

Aug 20, 2015

Eric Eggly is 20-plus years into a photography career he loves shooting adverts for clients like Audi, Vw and Converse. Read his insight on how it’s changed

Become a global brand ambassador for Tether Tools
Aug 17, 2015

PRIZES MONEY CANNOT BUY: Become a Global Photographic Brand Ambassador and have your images seen by a global audience

Aug 12, 2015

We’re big fans of a art/science/humanities venture called World in Infrared that uses hacked cameras to document the world in the spectrum of infrared light

Aug 11, 2015

Jack Fisher is a 23 year old freelance film maker specialising in making viral timelapse content for tourist boards and music festivals around the world

Aug 4, 2015

The photographer who risks her life in the pursuit of not only the perfect image, but something bigger…

Jul 29, 2015

I’m John Wilhelm, I’m a photoholic. My profession is IT, my passion is photography.

Jul 27, 2015

Albert NG is an mutli award winning professional – he tells us how you can use composition and perspective to standout in a crowded marketplace…

Jul 21, 2015

Tobias Gawrisch shoots amazing architectural images, find out how and why you can’t make a poorly composed image into a great one just by post-processing…

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