May 21, 2015

Get ready for some great images and sensible advice on why self belief and vision are a photographers greatest assets

May 20, 2015

Paris Gore is an international sports photographer specializing in mountain biking and at only 23 years old, he’s certainly one to watch!

What's in my bag and why? by Kevin Mullins
May 19, 2015

Why I switched from DSLR to Fuji Mirrorless by world class wedding photographer and educator; Kevin Mullins. Part of a new series: What’s in my bag an why?

Patrick Ludolph photographer on
May 14, 2015

Read Patrick Ludolph’s fascinating journey though photography and why photo equipment is a way of making up for that LEGO Death Star he never got…

Results of EXPOSE YOURSELF with John Wilhelm, John Flury and Jur
May 11, 2015

The Results of Winners of EXPOSE YOURSELF with Jerry Ghionis are in…Checkout the top 10 submissions, Winners & the next exciting competition on InMyBag

Best photography gear camera and lens 2015
May 9, 2015

Initial results from ‘the World’s only Searchable Database of Photographers and their Gear’ are in, see what’s popular with our global audience on inmybag

Results of EXPOSE YOURSELF with Jerry Ghionis  and Westcott!
May 7, 2015

Learn valuable lessons and see what gear these 12 amazing conceptual photographers use on

May 6, 2015

What makes a photographer truly great and sets them apart from the crowds of ‘me too’ photographers? Today on Inmybag we look at perspective…

May 5, 2015

Adam Angelides traveled to the ends of the world to photograph strangers driven by his fascination with identity. See his images and what gear he took.

May 4, 2015

You’ll instantly see that Stuart Freeman has loads of fun experimenting in his personal work. Learn why it should be your own personal creative playground

So, you think YOU'RE a professional Photographer?
Apr 30, 2015

What is a ‘professional’ photographer? Inmybag asks 5 respected photographers and 2 industry experts to share their thoughts and then have your say in our poll

Apr 29, 2015

Stuck in a creative rut? Rafael Infante recently undertook a Project 52 and he was amazed at the results and lessons he learnt…

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